There is a new another round of phishing attacks going around Facebook. It’s a variation of the VERIFY ACCOUNT attack earlier. DO NOT CLICK IT. You will get a wall post from your friends.

The message goes something like:

F***** you f*****. Go ***** yourself. Vote for Nicole Santos. I hate you and the only way to remove all these posts is by disabling this below.

DO NOT CLICK “REMOVE THIS APP”. It leads to a dropbox executing a javascript. From what we can determine at this point in time, this is a variation off of the original set of phishing attacks leading to rogue websites.

Again, this is a phishing attack. It’s in my opinion one of the most well written ones to date.

If you are a VICTIM:

If you are a victim, please immediately REMOVE the wall posts you made on other people’s walls. Simply visit their walls and click remove over your text. You can find it by moving your mouse over what you wrote, and an “X” will pop up in the area surrounding your text. Click the X and select remove post.

If you are a recipient, please immediately REMOVE the wall post that was made on your wall.

All the best,
Josh C
Net Force