The internet can be a scary place at times. There’s so much to do, from e-mail, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, social-media sites, shopping, banking, and the next great thing.

We are pleased to announce our Community Lecture and Outreach series today as part of our Internet Safety awareness program. We realize there may be aspects of using Facebook one might not fully understand. Especially in this day and age where technology is moving at such a fast and rapid pace, we want to ensure that our children are protected and parents are educated and aware of the risks behind using certain technologies.

Most importantly, we want everyone to stop and think about their actions.

Our first two presentations:

  • Face Who? Tweet What? Check-In Where? Link When? Why Space? – Behind Social Media
  • Basics to Computer Security: Anti-Virus simply isn’t enough.

More details about these presentations can be found at our Community information section. If you have a particular presentation your’e looking for and we do not have it available, get in touch with us to see if we have it in the works.

Best of all. The cost is free to all community and education institutions.