2013 was the year of data breaches, and before the year ended, there was one last data breach.

4.6 million Snapchat customers had their phone numbers and usernames leaked onto the internet on December 31, 2013. While the group removed the last two digits of the phone numbers, it was willing to make the full version of the database available under certain circumstances. The database itself is highly incomplete as it targeted well known metropolitan areas however not it missed several suburban area codes.

Net Force went through the database and was successfully able to validate the database’s authenticity.

SnapChat Customers are recommended to take the following actions:

  • If you used your SnapChat password anywhere else other than SnapChat, you are highly recommended to change it immediately. Assume the password also has been compromised.
  • If your SnapChat username is the same as any other website, it is highly recommended that you change your passwords there.
  • It is recommended that you enable two factor authentication on your email associated with the email address used for your Snapchat account.
  • Disable the ability for people to look you up by phone number on various websites, including Facebook.
  • Change also all your security questions that utilizes your phone number that was associated with Snapchat.