See how easily Hackers can take over your life

Cyber security awareness month is coming to a close, and I wanted to close with this new video. It is a follow up to “Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’". In this followup video, it features a gentlemen assuming the identity of a random man he selects as his mark on Facebook. Using social media, [...]

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Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

Now that I have your attention, over the weekend, I remembered this video that debuted back in 2012. It was a great public service announcement piece from Belgium. What made the video such a hit was the eccentric individual was no ordinary mind reader - he gets all his information from Facebook, Twitter, Social Media, [...]

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Teaching CyberSecurity in Higher Academia

Teaching Cyber Security in Higher Academia has always been a subject that's struck a chord with both academia and industry. There is always this balance that both sides seek to achieve. On one hand, there are risks when teaching such a subject, including, having the proverbial "Dog biting the hand that feeds it." Reading this [...]

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How strong is your Password?

In the wake of the League of Legends security incident, we thought it best to remind everyone of some startling statistics about passwords and on how weak some passwords that are being used on a day to day basis. Remember to use a service like LastPass to help you generate unique passwords or create your [...]

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