shield-iconIf you had not had the chance to read Mandiant’s intelligence report on the recent cyber attacks, it’s a decent size read that’s worthy of your time. What’s interesting is that that Mandiant clearly identifies the threat, the attackers as Unit 61398 of the China’s People’s Liberation Army or PLA.

We’ll post our thoughts on it later, but for now, we’re trying to share the report as it’s an interesting read. It only strengthens our commitment and philosophy that security is beyond what we know today. It incorporates intelligence, understanding, conceptualization, design, building, and many more elements to provide a much more secure environment

Due to Mandiant’s servers being slammed with people downloading the report, we’ve uploaded a compressed zipped copy on our servers here. We’ll add additional capacity should demand warrants it.


Download Here:


MD5: 936FEB234F60CFBF6916BA61FBAB2781
SHA-1: 3974687624EB85CDCF1FC9CCFB68EEA052971E84

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