Orange County Register: Guardians of a cyber world

I hate to say this, but the bad guys are winning so we have to train these guys younger and younger,” said Troy’s volunteer coach, Joshua Chin, who works for the cyber security firm, Net Force, in the City of Industry. “It’s more important than ever that these kids get a firm grasp in next [...]

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SCMagazine: A look ahead: Forecasts for 2014

The most surprising development will be that digital attacks will start having real-life physical consequences. The consequences have thus far largely been limited in the digital world, but we will see an increase of security incidents affecting the physical world. It will be interesting what 2014 brings, especially in the areas of custom-tailored malware or [...]

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SJSU Today: Prepping for U.S. Cyber Challenge

On April 6, SJSU hosted the first U.S. Cyber Challenge CyberQuests preparatory day camp. U.S. Cyber Challenge CyberQuests are online competitions that test competitors’ abilities to identify vulnerabilities in a virtual network and answer questions related to their findings. The camp content was led by Alex Levinson, CyberQuests top scorer, technology lead for U.S. Cyber Challenge and head [...]

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San Jose Mercury News: ‘Cyberwar games’ used more by companies to thwart hackers

"Think of it as a giant scavenger hunt, where you are given a riddle or clue about how to find something," said Josh Chin, executive director of Southern California-based Net Force, who placed third in the competition. Besides teaching him how to better guard his client's data, he said, such exercises offer a way to [...]

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Help Net Security: Facebook Graph Search

Graph Search could potentially unveil employees' positions and interests that are contrary to an organization’s overall image," said Josh Chin, CyberSecurity Consultant at Net Force. The crux of the problem lies in the fact that a great number of users don't bother using any of the protection settings and leave their data open to everyone. [...]

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