Petya Ransomware Strikes Computer Networks Worldwide

Just this morning, a deadly new strain of ransomware called Petya has been spotted in the wild -- and is growing rapidly.  According to ABC News, there have been reports of Petya striking government systems and telecommunications providers throughout Europe.  There are also unconfirmed reports that systems in North America may be impacted as well. [...]

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WCry Ransomware Attacks Hits Global Computer Networks

There is a huge ransomware attacking organizations in multiple countries as we wrote this blog. The number of victims keeps growing - and by this latest string of ransomware attacks have grown tremendously over the last few hours. According to NPR, there are reports of Spain's largest telecom being hit. At least 16 hospitals in [...]

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Don’t shoot the #Infosec Messenger

When doing a security disclosure to any organization or company, one must be delicate and careful on how you craft the message to the recipient. It is not an easy process to disclose that there are issues, especially when its unsolicited. No one likes to hear there are issues in their cybersecurity. However, to companies and [...]

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2014 WRCCDC Overview and Debrief

The idea behind CCDC (Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions) and competitions like it are to allow students to showcase their skills and abilities in a pseudo-real world situation. These competitions are a wonderful addition to the Information Technology world and generally provide a positive addition to any student’s learning experience. I am a Red Team member; [...]

CyberPatriot National Finals this week

This weekend marks the end of CyberPatriot VI with the National Competition at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, MD. It has been an amazing journey these last few months guiding and training these brilliant young minds at Troy High School. As my responsibilities and duties conclude for this season of CyberPatriot VI, [...]